NZ Building Outlines (Pilot)

This dataset consists of building outlines for the areas of Canterbury, Hawke’s Bay and Waikato, and is part of a pilot to understand the benefit of making building outlines data openly available through the LINZ Data Service.

Building outlines are 2D shapes of the edge of a building as visible from aerial imagery, most commonly the roofline edge. It includes spaces such as decks, garages and porches. Each polygon represents a building outline. The outlines were extracted in June 2016 from orthoimagery using an automated process.

Source imagery
Resolution of the imagery used for capture ranges from 50cm pixel resolution (0.5m GSD) to 10cm pixel resolution (0.1m GSD). Please refer to the ‘imagery_source’ attribute for details.

The following datasets on the LINZ Data Service were used in part or full in the creation of this dataset:
Waikato 0.5m Rural Aerial Photos (2012-2013)
Waikato District 0.1m Urban Aerial Photos (2014)
Hawkes Bay 0.3m Rural Aerial Photos (2014-15)
Canterbury 0.4m Rural Aerial Photos (2012-2013)
Otago 0.4m Rural Aerial Photos (2013-14)
Canterbury 0.4m Rural Aerial Photos (2013-2014)
Canterbury 0.3m Rural Aerial Photos (2014-15)

Please note

  • This is a pilot dataset and is not complete for the whole of New Zealand
  • While some checks on the data have taken place, there are still errors present
  • The remainder of the building outlines for the Canterbury Region (Urban and Rural) will be published when the latest imagery becomes available

We want your feedback

We are seeking feedback on this building outlines pilot dataset. Please use the dataset then complete this short survey


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand

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08 Jul 2016

This dataset was first added to LINZ Data Service on 08 Jul 2016.