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14 Sep 2022

This dataset was last updated on LINZ Data Service on 14 Sep 2022.

This index enables you to identify the locations of current and historic sea level stations around New Zealand, on offshore islands (including Raoul Island, Chatham Islands and the sub-Antarctic islands), several South West Pacific islands and the Ross Dependency (Antarctica).

The attributes attached to each location will enable you to look up tidal levels, obtain relationships between tidal and land-based height datums, access tide predictions on LINZ’s website and find out how much sea level data LINZ has in its archive. See the LINZ website for official tide predictions.

View the attached data dictionary for detailed information about the attributes of this dataset.

Accessing sea level data
The data that is used to calculate tide predictions is also available. You can access publically available sea level data where a URL is provided in the data_link column.

For other locations, requests for sea level data should be sent to customersupport@linz.govt.nz with “Sea Level Data” in the subject line. Requests must, as a minimum, specify the location and time period that the data is required for.

Publically funded data can be released to the public under a Creative Commons licence for reuse. The provision of sea level data funded by third parties may be subject to some delay, as LINZ must obtain permission from the data owner. The owner may also attach conditions to the release of their data.

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