The NZ Aerial Imagery basemap provides a seamless nationwide imagery layer with the newest and highest resolution data, and covers 95% of New Zealand.

This basemap has been designed to be integrated into GIS, web and mobile applications via our WMTS and XYZ tile services. View the Services tab to access these services.

See the LINZ website for service specifications and help using WMTS and XYZ tile services.

This layer is made up of individual aerial imagery (orthophotography) layers available on the LINZ Data Service, and will be updated as new imagery is made available.

Pixel resolution ranges from 7.5cm (0.075m GSD) to 125cm (1.25m GSD). The final spatial accuracy varies from +/-0.2 m to +/-20m.

Please refer to the individual layers for specific accuracy, pixel resolution, and licensing attribution requirements.

A list of attribution requirements for each layer are also available at Attributing Aerial Imagery data.

Updated19 Apr 2018