Important: This dataset will be decommissioned in mid-2021.

Move now to the LINZ Aerial Imagery Basemap

The LINZ Basemap service is LINZ's new, free to use Aerial Imagery basemap of the New Zealand mainland and offshore islands. Powered by the latest imagery data from the LINZ Data Service and other authoritative open data sources and purpose built using the latest mapping technologies, the LINZ Aerial Imagery Basemap offers currency, quality and performance far beyond that available via the LDS Imagery Set. Choose from WMTS or XYZ tile APIs for use in GIS, web and mobile apps.

LINZ Aerial Imagery Basemap

LDS NZ Aerial Imagery Set

The NZ Aerial Imagery Set is being decomissioned in mid-2021. The imagery in this dataset has not been updated since August 2020. Use LINZ's new Aerial Imagery Basemap for national coverage of our most recent aerial imagery.