NZ Survey Affected Parcels List


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09 Apr 2021

This dataset was last updated on LINZ Data Service on 09 Apr 2021.

This table is used to describe the many to many relationship between surveys and parcels. This is a table to link NZ Survey Plans data with spatial parcel layers such as NZ Parcels, NZ Linear Parcels or NZ Primary Parcels.

An affected parcel is a parcel which is affected by the approval of a survey dataset. A parcel may be affected, created or extinguished. For example, a survey can affect extinguish parcels by rendering them historical and at the same time may create new parcels (subdivision). Parcels may be affected by a survey but remain current (definition of an easement etc).

For more information about this table and other tables and layers that make up this dataset refer to the support documentation.

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Services Web Feature Service (WFS), Catalog Service (CS-W), Atom Feed

NZ Parcel Boundaries Wireframe provides a map of land, road and other parcel boundaries, and is especially useful for displaying property boundaries.

This map service is for visualisation purposes only and is not intended for download. You can download the full parcels data from the NZ Parcels dataset.

This map service provides a dark outline and transparent fill, making it perfect for overlaying on our basemaps or any map service you choose.

Data for this map service is sourced from the NZ Parcels dataset which is updated weekly with authoritative data direct from LINZ’s Survey and Title system. Refer to the NZ Parcel layer for detailed metadata.

To simplify the visualisation of this data, the map service filters the data from the NZ Parcels layer to display parcels with a status of 'current' only.

This map service has been designed to be integrated into GIS, web and mobile applications via LINZ’s WMTS and XYZ tile services. View the Services tab to access these services.

See the LINZ website for service specifications and help using WMTS and XYZ tile services and more information about this service.

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