NZ Street Address (Electoral) (Deprecated)


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01 Jul 2017

This dataset was last updated on LINZ Data Service on 01 Jul 2017.

Geoff Leyland


Are either of rna_id or rcl_id permanent identifiers for an address? That is, are they stable between versions of the data, and resistant to things like correction of spelling mistakes or exact locations?


Jason Bedford

The rna_id and rcl_id should remain static between versions.

Geoff Leyland

Thanks. What are they? And I should have looked harder before I asked, because they don't seem to be unique keys. Is the combination of an rna_id an rcl_id and a street number unique?
I probably should have said sooner: I'm looking for a key that will uniquely and permanently identify an address. I imagine street numbers, names and locations are all subject to correction?

Jason Bedford

The rna_id is the Landonline id for the road name + locality combination.
The rcl_id is the Landonline id for the road centreline segment.
These won't be unique within the Street Address (Electoral) table, as any address which shares the same road name or road segment, will share these ids.
What you should be using is the id field in this table, as this is the static and unique id for the street address.

Geoff Leyland

Thanks Jason. Sorry, I should have asked the right question from the start. I had assumed that because the id started from one and I couldn't find any gaps that it was more like a row number than a permanent id. I should have asked straight up.

Jason Bedford

No worries. We only implemented the static id for this table around 6 weeks ago, which will be the reason you couldn't find any gaps.

Shaun McGirr

Hi, is it possible to add a summarised version of these comments to your Metadata tab? That tab currently provides all kinds of metadata about the table itself, but not about all the columns inside it. Would be great to have it all in one spot if possible!

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