NZ Orthophotos 2000-2001

18 Oct 2011

This dataset was last updated on LINZ Data Service on 18 Oct 2011.

LINZ publishes 1:25,000 scale orthophotos of New Zealand from its archive. The New Zealand orthophotos shown are historical and no further orthophotos of New Zealand will be published.

Coverage of 1 pixel is 2.5m x 2.5m

Technical Details
Layer ID 51049
Data type Image/Raster
Resolution 2.500m
Services Web Map Service (WMS), Catalog Service (CS-W), data.govt.nz Atom Feed
Added 29 Sep 2011
Last updated 18 Oct 2011
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Current revision Imported on Jan. 15, 2018 from 141 GeoTIFF sources in NZGD49 / New Zealand Map Grid.