Landonline: Street Address (Deprecated)


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01 Jul 2017

This dataset was last updated on LINZ Data Service on 01 Jul 2017.

Matthew Hare

What's the policy behind ranges? Some ranges only have the lower range, they seem to be address like (ie address 11A-11H, will have a range_low of 11, but no range_high). Some have Letter suffix ranges ( ie '13A-13E'), and both a declared in the range columns. These seems to be subdivisions. Is there any definitive documentation?

Ian Harrison

Hi Matthew,

I've asked one of our Addressing Analysts and this is his answer:

The range_low and range_high only include the base numbers, not the alphas or flat numbers.
The range_high is only populated if the house_number field contains a range of base numbers, otherwise it should be null.

However, the house_number shows everything, so it could be 12A-12C, 1/12-3/12, 1A/12-1C/12 etc, but in these examples the range_low would be 12 and the range_high would be null.
If the house_number was 12-14 then the range_low would be 12 and the range_high would be 14.

I hope this helps.

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