NZ Topo50 Gridless Maps

21 Feb 2018

This dataset was last updated on LINZ Data Service on 21 Feb 2018.

The Topo50 map series provides topographic mapping for the New Zealand mainland, the Chatham Islands, and offshore islands at 1:50,000 scale.

Along with the paper-based Topo50 map series, digital images of the maps are also publicly available.

Georeferenced raster digital images are provided at a resolution of 300 DPI. Georeferencing allows adjacent maps to be accurately and automatically aligned within GIS systems.

For more information, and a description of the georeferencing keys:

Please be aware of the following:

  • Representation of a road or track does not necessarily indicate public right of access. For access rights, maps and other information, contact the New Zealand Walking Access Commission - www.walkingaccess.govt.nz

  • The Department of Conservation and other agencies should be contacted for the latest information on tracks and back country huts. Closed tracks are defined as being no longer maintained or passable and should not be used.

  • Not all aerial wires, cableways and obstructions that could be hazardous to aircraft are held in the data.

  • Contours and spot elevations in forest and snow areas may be less accurate.

  • Not all pipelines including both underground and above ground are held in the data or shown on the printed maps. For the latest information please contact the utility and infrastructure agencies

  • Permits may be required to visit some sensitive and special islands and areas. Contact the Department of Conservation to see if you need to apply for a permit.

1. Topo50 Legend 128 KB jpg
Technical Details
Layer ID 52343
Data type Image/Raster
Resolution 4.000m
Services Catalog Service (CS-W), data.govt.nz Atom Feed
Added 11 Feb 2015
Last updated 21 Feb 2018
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Current revision Imported on Feb. 21, 2018 from 445 GeoTIFF sources in NZGD2000 / New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000.
Revision message Geographic Names updated in BS24 and BU19 to match those already updated in the 'NZ Topo50 Maps' layer