NZ Mainland Contours (Topo, 1:50k)


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04 Aug 2014
Kim Ollivier

It is very hard to download the contours in a non-overlapping block because the download tool overestimates the file sizes by a factor of 10. I split them up into 4 parts and they totaled less than 1 GB, not the 7.2GB estimate.

It would be useful to have a North and South Island region clip polygon. A crop box can be drawn around the South, but not the North.

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Jeremy Palmer

Hi Kim,

We are working hard to try and resolve this issue. Other layers from the property and ownership dataset are also affected. Hopefully on Tuesday we should have a partial fix.

I will look at the option of a North and South Island region crop polygon. In the short term I can't guarantee that this will get the limit below 3gb.

Jeremy Palmer

We have now put a fix it place that should improve the size estimate issue. The FGDB export is now estimated as 1.6GB for the whole country. This is still out by a factor of 2, but will at least allow you to download the dataset in the short term.

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Daniel Parker

What is the reason for the sharp decrease in the number of features from Rev. 7 to Rev. 8? It appears that almost a quarter of the features have been removed and there doesn't appear to be anything in the history notes or metadata that explains this.

Fran McNamara

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for the feedback regarding the lack of explanation in the release notes.

I'll see if we can get the information added, which is that in the data prior to release 8 the contour features were split at each Topo50 sheet edge, and at each NZMS260 map sheet edge(data.linz.govt.nz/#/layer/1579-nzms-260-map-sheets...)

We ran a routine to join the contours at the NZMS260 map edges between the 2 releases which accounts for the differing numbers of features. There shouldn't be any contours missing, just less splits in them.

I hope that explains the situation for you? Please let's know if not.

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