NZ Primary Parcels


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03 Oct 2015

This dataset was last updated on LINZ Data Service on 03 Oct 2015.

Megan Casey

Area has not yet been updated with the SH20 / SH1 Connection.

Andrew Clouston

The Parcels layer reflects cadastral boundaries as surveyed and not all land to be formed as road will necessarily be a road parcel (especially for State highway relalignments. However I would expect that the topographic maps would reflect this information. This query has been passed on to the topographic team to assess and incorporate as necessary.

Teddy Tran

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Susan Jones

Kia ora ā Koutou

What would be really nice is to have parcels flagged as different states. Something like "Approved" and "Submitted, Waiting Approval".

The Surveyor General's Office in South Africa keep a similar system. The Cape Town City Council maintain the 2 layers - "Approved" and the "SG" layer which is the approval layer.

Otherwise, looking good and definitely very usable.

Susan Jones
Spatial Logic Ltd

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