Please read: This comprehensive roads dataset includes eight data tables and eleven lookup tables. The dataset has been sourced from LINZ’s NZ Roads database, a database for the management of national roads, including those managed for addressing purposes.

The centrelines within this set are required to indicate the presence of an authoritative road name. These road centrelines do not represent actual road formation, nor do they represent legal access. They must not be considered as topographic, cadastral, or legal.

This set of normalised tables replaces the Landonline: Road Centre Line layer and the Landonline: Road Name and Landonline: Road Name Association tables.

The Landonline road and address datasets will be available until May 2017 to allow users further time to transition.

For a simplified version of the data contained within these tables see NZ Roads (Addressing), which aggregates geometries based on road name, and NZ Roads Subsections (Addressing), which holds the individual geometries.

Please refer to the NZ Roads Data Dictionary for detailed metadata and information about this set.

Added08 Dec 2015

Please read: This dataset is comprised of multiple layers and tables from the Full Landonline Dataset and is designed for use only by data professionals who require the complex version of our property ownership and boundary data for advanced uses. For simplified versions of the more commonly used data, see our simplified data layers.

The dataset includes data related to nodes and survey monuments (marks), and to survey and geodetic adjustments that have been carried out within Landonline, and enables you to download multiple layers and tables at the same time.

Please refer to the LDS Full Landonline Data Dictionary and Models for detailed metadata about data in this dataset.

Added05 Sep 2014

NZ Parcel Boundaries Wireframe provides a map of land, road and other parcel boundaries, and is especially useful for displaying property boundaries.

This map service is for visualisation purposes only and is not intended for download. You can download the full parcels data from the NZ Parcels dataset.

This map service provides a dark outline and transparent fill, making it perfect for overlaying on our basemaps or any map service you choose.

Data for this map service is sourced from the NZ Parcels dataset which is updated weekly with authoritative data direct from LINZ’s Survey and Title system. Refer to the NZ Parcel layer for detailed metadata.

To simplify the visualisation of this data, the map service filters the data from the NZ Parcels layer to display parcels with a status of 'current' only.

This map service has been designed to be integrated into GIS, web and mobile applications via LINZ’s WMTS and XYZ tile services. View the Services tab to access these services.

See the LINZ website for service specifications and help using WMTS and XYZ tile services and more information about this service.

Added01 May 2015
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