Please read: This comprehensive address dataset provides all allocated addresses as advised to LINZ by Territorial Authorities (TAs). Under the Local Government Act 1974 (section 319) it is the responsibility of the TAs to advise LINZ (the Surveyor General) of all allocated addresses in their district.*

Local Government Act 1974

319B Allocation of property numbers

(1) For electoral, postal, and other purposes the council may allocate a number to any area of land or building or part of a building within its district and may change the number allocated to any such area of land or building.

(2) The council shall comply with any request from a Chief Surveyor to allocate a number to or change the number of any area of land or building or part of a building in its district.

(3) The principal administrative officer shall advise the Chief Surveyor of the land district in which the land or building is situated of the numbers allocated under subsection (1) or subsection (2).

This comprehensive address dataset includes eight data tables and nine lookup tables. The dataset has been sourced from LINZ’s Address Information Management System (AIMS), a centralised database for the management of national addresses, including for electoral purposes. This set of normalised tables replaces the single Landonline: Street Address layer currently published on LDS.

The existing address and road datasets will be available for 6 months after AIMS go-live to allow users further time to transition.This version will be replacing Landonline: Street Address dataset.

For a simplified version of the data contained within these tables see NZ Street Address.

Please refer to the Street Address Data Dictionary for detailed metadata and information about this layer.

Added08 Dec 2015

The NZ Aerial Imagery basemap provides a seamless nationwide imagery layer with the newest and highest resolution data, and covers 95% of New Zealand.

The date of capture is prioritised over resolution. This means newer imagery layers are prioritised above higher resolution imagery in the same location.

This basemap has been designed to be integrated into GIS, web and mobile applications via our WMTS and XYZ tile services. View the Services tab to access these services.

See the LINZ website for service specifications and help using WMTS and XYZ tile services.

This layer is made up of individual aerial imagery (orthophotography) layers available on the LINZ Data Service, and will be updated as new imagery is captured.

Please refer to the individual layers for specific accuracy, pixel resolution, and licensing attribution requirements. More information about the individual layers can be found using the NZ Imagery Surveys layer.

A list of attribution requirements for each layer are also available at Attributing Aerial Imagery data.

Added17 Apr 2014

This dataset contains NZ Topo50 vector layers related to relief that are available through the LINZ Data Service.

This grouping of NZ Topo50 layers will allow you to quickly view and download this collection of related layers. Topo50 vector datasets are also available for layers covering the themes of hydrography, labels, landcover, structure, transport and vegetation. See all available Topographic Sets.

See the Topographic Data Dictionary for detailed information about each NZ Topo50 layer, and ourbackground information on Topo50 to understand this data.

For the latest changes to this data, see the Topo50 Update History.

Added14 Aug 2015
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