Landonline: Encumbrance Share

22 Jul 2017

This dataset was last updated on LINZ Data Service on 22 Jul 2017.

Please read: This table is part of the comprehensive Full Landonline Dataset and is designed for use only by data professionals who require the complex version of our property ownership and boundary data for advanced uses. For a simplified version of data contained within this table see our property ownership and boundary data.

This table groups the shares in an encumbrance. It is not the actual share value.

Please refer to the LDS Full Landonline Data Dictionary and Models for detailed metadata about this table.

Category Full Landonline Dataset
Tags New Zealand
Metadata ISO 19115/19139, Dublin Core
Technical Details
Table ID 1983
Data type Table
Row count 1392296
Primary key id
Columns id, enc_id, status, act_tin_id_crt, act_id_crt, act_id_ext, act_tin_id_ext, system_crt, system_ext
Services Web Feature Service (WFS)
Added 29 May 2014
Last updated 22 Jul 2017
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Current revision Imported on July 22, 2017 from Postgres .