NZ Parcel Statutory Actions List


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27 Jan 2023

This dataset was last updated on LINZ Data Service on 27 Jan 2023.

A Statutory Action is an action recorded against a parcel that is authorised by a specific Part or Section of an Act.

This table provides information about the current and historic statutory actions as recorded against specific parcels.

Note: Historic actions are only available in this dataset since the beginning of Landonline operations (about 2000). This page on LINZ's historic property databases provides actual dates when Landonline operations started.

This table has direct relationships with and can be linked to spatial parcel layers such as NZ Parcels, NZ Linear Parcels or NZ Primary Parcels.

For more information about this table, other property datasets, and how to relate them to each other, refer to the Property Boundary and Ownership Data Dictionary.

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