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14 Apr 2023

This dataset was last updated on LINZ Data Service on 14 Apr 2023.

This table provides the relationships between building outlines within mainland New Zealand when buildings are split or merged.

A building outline is a 2D representation of the roof outline of a building which has been classified from LINZ aerial imagery using a combination of automated and manual processes to extract and refine a building roof outline.

Data vintage

This dataset does not include building outline geometry, but provides the linkages between building_id's from different aerial imagery sources in the NZ Building Outlines (All Sources) dataset when building outlines change from single outlines split into multiple outlines, and from multiple outlines merged as single outlines.

This dataset will be updated with changes in building_id relationships as new aerial imagery becomes available.
Please refer to the NZ Building Outlines Data Dictionary for detailed metadata and information about this dataset.

Related building outlines data

NZ Building Outlines (All Sources) - directly related to this dataset, it contains all combinations of building outlines from multiple years of imagery that have existed since the beginning of this dataset.

NZ Building Outlines - provides current building outlines only derived from the latest LINZ aerial imagery.

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